Yo Dawg, I heard you like blogs.

For myself and I think many other of the artistically-inclined, execution is the biggest obstacle to success. Good ideas come to mind (“I love writing: I should start a blog!”), are identified as promising, aaand then for various reasons just gather dust on the shelf. In my case, actual capital punishment 'execution' would be only marginally more stifling to my creative endeavors then the lack of resource-investment they receive. Take blogging: I identified in September of 2013 at Circles Conference that this was something it made sense on many levels for me to incorporate into my life and to “give a go.” Early 2014 I even took the initiative to set up a Tumblr and got a few pieces written for that. But, a few months off and the thing languished. It took time and, frankly, it was hard. My Mom hadn’t even read my stuff, and despite my affectation of disinterest in the reception of what I put out, I was a bit hurt that no one had taken enough interest in my work to communicate to me as much.

So, without waxing too self-absorbedly poetic about why I haven’t been writing interwebz-facing material for the past two years, this post is my getting back on my horse and initiating round two of giving that a proper shot. Fresh off the press I have the redesigned romlein.com – *ta da!*, as well as my new branding that’s been in the works for a few months now (more on that later). It’s an exciting setting in which to post work! Still getting up portfolio items and refining a few aspects of the site, so bear with me as I tighten up content. Also please feel free to share any feedback you may have!

While blogging is still a new rhythm for me to get down, journaling is something I’ve kept a part of my life since childhood (shoutout to my Mom for cultivating that habit in me as a kid). It’s in that setting that I’ve established a tone and groove that I find enriches my life and clarifies my thoughts and experiences. I’m hoping I can find a similar familiarity with blogging and identify a space for each to occupy in my writing. 

Fortunately for you my writing has improved in continuity (not to mention spelling) since the early days, and I'll leave you with this entry from nearly 15 years ago. Pretty much just the facts back then. Journal. Write it. Boom: done. I’ve got trees to climb.