New Ed

Click image to view an interactive InVision prototype.

Click image to view an interactive InVision prototype.


New Ed is an ed tech startup based in Troy, NY. I started with them as responsible for all aspects of design, then later focused on visual design as other contractors were added to the team. For phase one of the project, the scope focused on illustrating the value prop of New Ed to potential investors and customers. To this end, New Ed founder Craig Maslowsky and I sat down one sunny spring day in late April 2015 and started an intense six-week collaboration process that resulted in interactive InVision prototypes he could then use as demos. I’d interview Craig to figure out the why behind his feature recommendations, then we’d explore solutions and rapidly prototype those to test their merits.


  • Wireframing
  • Interaction Design
  • UX Design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping

Custom branded instances

New Ed branded to fit four different institutions' color schemes.

User Research

For the initial phase, Craig and contacts of his from his work at Excelsior College were my main line of user research, but with the second phase I had a chance to work with a third-party UX consulting firm which conducted usability testing.

Visual Design

As previously mentioned, during the second phase of the project my role focused more on the visual design of the product and on coming up with a flexible design system that we could customize for each institution. I used style tiles to explore various visual directions.


Responsive wireframes